AtS: "Untitled snippet" (Wes, Gunn; G)
Melisandre (fire)
Fandom: AtS
Characters: Wes, Gunn
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Buffyverse characters and story are not my property.
Notes: Takes place during episode 4x13 "Salvage" (beware spoilers, obviously).

I’ll take care of it.

Wesley hoisted the two-handed battle-axe from the wall with grim purpose. Everyone was suddenly looking somewhere else. Gunn took a knee beside Lilah’s body and gathered the plastic tarp around her securely. He slid an arm beneath her knees and a hand under her back. He stood, waiting for Wesley to lead the way.

“Gunn--” Wes started.

“I got this.”

“I said I’d--”

“Wes.” He looked up carefully at the other man. “I got this.”

AtS: "Man being pulled from both sides" (Angel/Wes, PG)
Title: Man being pulled by both sides
Fandom: AtS
Characters: Angel/Wes
Rating: PG
Content: Violence
Summary: Angel observes his son leaving Wesley’s apartment one night.
Disclaimer: Buffyverse characters and story are not my property.
Notes: Not sure if I have the timeline exactly right, but this would probably occur a little bit before 4x04 “Slouching Toward Bethlehem”?

Wesley felt like something significant had finally been shaken loose. Angel stood in his living room looking out of place, like a big, black sore.

He imagined Angel could smell that Connor had been here in his apartment, and, before that, Lilah. They’d had sex on the couch earlier. He felt a grim satisfaction that the two scents might overlap and send Angel into a helpless rage.

“Why was he here?”

Connor had come to him looking for answers. Wesley had given him the truth and a hot meal, then sent him on his way. Only minutes after he left, Angel was stalking his doorway.

Wesley calmly poured himself a drink and remained silent. Let him think whatever he wanted.

Angel was suddenly in his face, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt and slamming his body into the bar, shattering glass everywhere. He put a proprietary hand around Wesley’s throat, not choking, but a warning. Not for the first time, Wesley bitterly wished he could match his physical strength.

“You’ve made your point.” Wesley’s eyes burned out of his face with anger. “Why was Connor here? Because he’s a confused kid and he doesn’t know who the hell to trust.”

Angel wasn’t even paying attention. He was looking at the bleeding hand Wesley had cut in the glass. They both stared at it.

“Are you working with Lilah against me?”

“No,” he bit out, “I don’t think of you at all.”

“Liar,” Angel said quietly, taking Wesley’s bleeding hand and turning the arm around to expose the scar where he’d fed from him. Wesley wanted desperately to get out from between Angel’s body and the bar, roll down his sleeve, cover the evidence. Instead the band of sexual tension between them tightened unbearably and Angel’s mouth came down on his.

GoT: "Don’t You Weep Pretty Baby" (Melisandre/Gendry, NC-17)
Melisandre (fire)
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